The Association of Blockchain Integrated Mining and Distribution ABIMD, is the representative for pormoting the application of blockchain technology in mining, resources and industrial distribution via our various platforms such as NioPlus. Founded under the belief that an unified voice driving effective workforce outcomes, ABIMD received great support from many leading organisations in the industry from the first day.

SInce 2014, ABIMD has worked hand in hand with many government agencies to ensure the employment of cutting edge technology across the resource sector,  and contribute to global economic prosperity.

Whether it is through our close work with government on key policy issues, or by utilising our expert guidance from our specialist workforce consultants,  ABIMD greatly assists  people from different nations to meet their commercial objectives, to overcome operating challenges, and in the productive, competitive and socially responsible running of their businesses and their workplaces.When you need expert support for your business challenges, ABIMD is right there with you.

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ABIMD membership means you’ve always got someone on your side. By harnessing our expertise, influence, vast networks and the specialist knowledge of our team, no matter what the issue, we’ve got you covered.

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More than an industry association, ABIMD provides a breadth of technology consulting, training & development, legal, policy & advocacy services to guide, assist, add value and provide pathways and solutions where you need it most

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From industry briefings, workshops and forums, we ensure our members stay in touch with the lastest development in field of resource and bloackchain technology.

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